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IndustryI am borrowing today. This morning I read a quote in an email from one of our dear friends living and working oversea’s. He and his wife send out a weekly email keeping their friends in the States updated on the work they are doing. Here is the quote.

“What is important is seldom urgent.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Our friend, whom we affectionately refer to as Dr. D., goes on to explain there are these four possible categories of situations that are urgent and important and what action should be taken, i.e., do it now, save for later, delegate to someone else.

1.  Important and urgent -attending to a crying baby.

2. Important but not urgent -getting enough exercise.

3. Urgent but not important -answering a phone call.

4. Not urgent and not important -eating a cookie.

Usually Dr. D. shares a book every week that he has read and this information comes from the book, “The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking.” by Drake Baer.

Dr. D. asks his readers what we think. Really, its more of a challenge because that is Dr. D’s nature! Always challenging his readers to think outside the box or silo as he tends to call it!

My thought is, the sense of urgency is an emotion. Emotions are good, God gave them to us. The important thing to remember is what we do with our emotions. Do we allow our emotions to drive our behavior or do we step aside and look at each urgent and important situation objectively and seek God’s wisdom? I have found through experience when my decisions are driven by emotion things tend to become worse. However, if I can remember to stop, breath and pray, I see God’s guidance more clearly and I end up in His perfect will!

In true Dr. D. fashion, what do you think?





 “What is important is seldom urgent,” Dwight D. Eisenhower

 “What is important is seldom urgent,” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Author: Terese

Terese is a wife, mother, Grammie, sister, aunt and friend. Best of all a daughter of the King! Terese is a Bible study teacher and speaker. One of her passions is investing in the lives of other women and encouraging them in their identity and authority in Christ. Terese is a life long student of God's grace.

One thought on “Think Outside The Silo”

  1. I love this post, Terese! I think that it’s true…we do not act as quickly on some of the more important issues in life. The way to resolve that is to rearrange and perhaps even reassign priority to those issues which should be more important in our lives and then train ourselves to give them quicker attention.

    After all, isn’t that what Christianity is all about? Assigning more importance to heavenly things rather than earthly matters…

    Good to hear from you!

    Steve Pejay

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