Love Is

Screenshot_2014-07-23-07-09-39I love many people. I love God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I love my husband, my children and my family. I love my friends and I love the story of Jesus compassion, grace and mercy to the women caught in adultery in John 8. The Pharisees and teachers of the Law brought this woman in front of Jesus where he was teaching to a large crowd of people. The law of the time was that anyone caught in the act of adultery would be stoned to death, with very large boulders. The accusers were actually trying to trap Jesus into saying something they could use against him so they could arrest Jesus.

Jesus did something very peculiar. He bent down and began writing in the dust with his Hand drawing heart in sand on the beachfinger as the accusers demanded an answer from Him. Jesus says,“All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” One can only imagine that perhaps he was writing the sins of the accusers in the dirt. One by one the accusers left until it was only Jesus, the woman and the crowd Jesus had been teaching too. Jesus forgave the woman of her sins and told her to go and sin no more.

If we are to be like Jesus, as we are called to be, we ought not throw stones of judgement but instead offer forgiveness and love.

Holy Spirit help us to look past the sin of others and not cast judgement. After all, we were pulled from a life of sin and while sinner is no longer our identity, our heart still has a great propensity to sin, sometimes knowingly and sometimes not. It is not for us to judge, our responsibility is to love like You; love like Jesus. Regardless of the sin; murder, molestation, adultery, lying, cheating, this list goes on. I know this is counter cultural. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear or read about a child abduction, campus rape or a senseless death? We want the person responsible to pay. That is human nature. But, Jesus paid the cost for their sin, your sin and my sin. He looks past the sin and sees the person he created and he calls us to do the same. Sin is sin, and I am not down playing sin which leads to spiritual death and life altering consequences, but Satan uses it to distract us from the person God created. If we are constantly looking at someones sin we can’t see the beautiful person God has made. The person he sent his Son to die on the cross for so they too can have the hope of eternity.

I encourage and challenge you to start or continue to pray for those who don’t yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, especially those you read or hear about in the news. Perhaps they have no one praying for them and God has chosen you to be their prayer warrior. Who knows but God that He has called you to such a time as this!

2499-1013-A2544Love is one of the greatest weapons of spiritual warfare.


It’s A Party!

Party poppers on whiteIn 1982 actor Laurence Tureaud coined the phrase, “I pity the fool!”, with his role as boxer Clubber Lang in the movie “Rocky III”. We know him more readily as Mr. T., well you will most likely know who I am talking about if you are as old or older than me!

Pity is the feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the suffering and misfortunes of others.

A pity party is an instance of feeling sorry for oneself and/or seeking pity from other people.

This morning I came across this:

Yet I curse the day I was born! May the day of my birth not be blessed. I curse the messenger who told my father, “Good news-you have a son!”  Let him be destroyed without mercy. Terrify him all day long with battle shouts, for he did not kill me at birth. Oh, that I had died in my mother’s womb, that her body had been my grave! Why was I ever born: My entire life has been filled with trouble, sorrow, and shame. Jeremiah 20: 14-18.

Goodness, that is a whole lot of pity partying going on! Jeremiah was upset at the job God have given him to do. Jeremiah spent most of his ministry speaking pending doom over Israel and Judah. He was unpopular among his peers and contemporaries and his prophecies were unwelcomed messages. The Israelites were in a perpetual cycle of rebelling against God, then turning back to God and then rebelling again. In essence they loved living in their sin more than they loved God and the desire to obey Him. Jeremiah was sent to give them message after message of their consequences if they chose to continue down a path of sin. They would hear none of it and even plotted to kill Jeremiah.

By the time we get to Jeremiah 20: 14-18, we read that Jeremiah had enough. He was having a pity party and complaining to God. He cursed the day he was born and the messenger that told his father of his birth, saying, “my entire life has been filled with trouble, sorrow and shame.”

Have you ever been there? Smack dab in the middle of a pity party or have someone in your life who always seems to look at the cup half empty? Pity parties and I use to be quite good friends, until one day Holy Spirit began showing me that attending a pity party put the focus on me and took the focus off of God.

Pity parties are about pride and pride is sin. So, while Jeremiah was prophesying against the Israelites and their continued sin, he himself was sinning by having a pity party! Do you see God’s love here? God was gently showing Jeremiah the sin in his own life by allowing Jeremiah to have a pity party, while at the same time sending him to give messages to the Israelites about their own sin. I have found that God works in my life to show me sin and the area’s that ought to change by allowing me to teach what I most need to learn.

Pity parties and I are no longer friends and when I feel them trying to get a foot hold into my life again, I call upon Holy Spirit for his help because that is the only way for me to avoid falling deep into a party that I have no business attending.

Believe it or not, Mr. T.’s “I pity the fool!”, is actually a form of tough love and a technique he uses to motivate others to make positive change(s) in their life.

Precious One, it isn’t about you, it is, has always been and will always be about serving the One true God, however that looks like in your life. And, you can be sure that He loves you beyond your imagination. Many times God’s love is tough because of his great love for you. Don’t be a fool and play into the hand of pity. Know that God will never leave you nor forsake you.



What About Love

You are more precious than rubies. This is especially for those who feel less than, “_____”. You are priceless to God because he loves you. He loves you because he created you. God sees past your race, creed, orgin, nationality and orientation. God knew you before you were even put together inside your sweet Momma’s womb. He knew what you would look like, what you would do and who you would become. And, regardless of what any of that looks like at this moment, He LOVES you! And, He will continue to love you. He created only one uniquely you.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 1 Corinthians 13:7.

Rest in His love for you.