Are You Ready To Live?

torn-paper-number-background_GyhvpAIuAge is just a number, right? Well, for some maybe not, but that is how I live my life. As birthdays come and birthdays go, to me it is simply a number. Of course, we must act our age and as we get older, sometimes our bodies don’t remember age is just a number! For the longest, longest, longest time I felt like I was 18 in my mind. It wasn’t until I read “The Naked Gospel”, while at the same time going through our first ‘identity crisis’ teaching at church, that I began to understand God’s grace for my life. As Holy Spirit started to permeate my heart and soul with who He says I am in Christ, my mind began to catch up to my chronological age; my heart began to mature in Christ. But, another blog for another time!

This morning my reading took me to Psalm 90, which is Moses prayer to the nation of Israel, most likely before he dies on Mount Nebo, while looking out at Canaan, the land flowing with milk and honey, the Promised Land, the land he never entered. Moses was 120 years old, but what’s in a number?!

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12.

This verse immediately reminded me of what Paul says in Philippians 1:21;

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

If Psalm 90:12 becomes a daily circle of prayer for our life, then as Holy Spirit does indeed teach us to number our days so we gain a heart of wisdom, that Wisdom teaches us that the longing we have in our heart to be filled and fulfilled comes from Him. No other means can bring us the comfort He desires and delights in giving to us.

Oh sure, we can try to find that comfort elsewhere, for me it’s food, food of the carbohydrate inducing slumber type! But, after a stressful day or week, Holy Spirit is always faithful to remind me that when I offer my body as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to Him, it is a beautiful offering, a gift of worship to my Savior! (Romans 12:1).

Precious One as you age in the Lord the values of this world – money, popularity, power, pleasure and prestige ought to fall away and be replaced by a continual development of eternal values, which grows the desire to become more like Christ everyday. This eternal perspective trumps and covers the fear of death. Our desire to see Christ face to face becomes stronger and brings us to the place where, like Paul, we can say, “to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

Is age simply a number? It is if you know where you’re spending eternity.


Author: Terese

Terese is a wife, mother, Grammie, sister, aunt and friend. Best of all a daughter of the King! Terese is a Bible study teacher and speaker. One of her passions is investing in the lives of other women and encouraging them in their identity and authority in Christ. Terese is a life long student of God's grace.

3 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Live?”

  1. Amen, Teresa. You are quite welcome. I enjoyed your message and the blessing of which came from it. May you, and yours, have a blessed weekend as well.

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