You Might Think I’m A Jesus Freak

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I was born, baptized, confirmed and raised in a religion that would become the foundation of my faith as a born again believer in Christ. But, I didn’t always view it that way. For a long time after asking Jesus into my heart I resented the religion I was raised in because, in my young formative years when I was taught to fear God, I feared God not in the way of reverence for him, rather I viewed God as this mean and distant person just waiting to zap me for every wrong thing that I did. So the concept of a loving Father who only wants His best for me really messed with my belief system.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew about the love of God but not of the love of God. I even started a prayer life with God when I was about seven or eight years old. Not long after I made my confirmation, in my former religion, I abruptly told my mom I wasn’t going to church any more because I prayed on my own and didn’t need anyone suggesting how I should pray or what to pray. When I conveyed this story to one of my Pastor’s years ago he told me I was a Protestant in the making. It is not by coincidence rather the divine nature of God that we belong to a faith family that is evangelical Protestants; believing that Jesus is our Savior, our Sanctifier, our Healer and our coming King.

I remember the precise moment God revealed to me that it was He who set the foundation through my religious upbringing to believe in his Son Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was a Sunday morning and we were singing a worship song, I wish I could remember the song but I don’t, but what I do remember is during this particular song God spoke to my heart reassuring me that He was the One who had arranged the formative years of my spiritual upbringing and in that moment he released me from all the negativity I had felt. A few days later, I was walking out of Bible study, and I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to go up to our Worship Pastor and let him know that because of the song he had chosen the previous Sunday God had put things into perspective for me and to thank him for choosing that particular song.

So, you might think I am a Jesus freak, and you wouldn’t be wrong. I am not ashamed of my faith in Jesus Christ. My life is vastly different, and in a tremendously good way, than it has ever been, especially from my high school and early adult years. And, I praise God for the redemption and deliverance from those mistakes I made back then.

I just want to share the love of Christ with others and offer the opportunity to have what I have, to help erase the negative connotation that seems to surround having a relationship with Jesus. This is especially true as I peruse social media and see all the negative things that cry out for our attention, wanting to suck us in like a vacuum. So instead of jumping into the fray I choose to post verses that bring truth and hope and peace, amidst a world where shootings, bombings and terror are commonplace. 

You may be wondering how a good and loving God allows these things to happen. This is the same God who created us to have free will. He allows his entire creation to choose Him; the Light over darkness, which is the evil. Those living in darkness are bound and ruled by evil. God, ever the gentleman, will never force anyone to believe in His Son Jesus as their Lord and Savior. He wants you to make that choice for yourself.

You might call me a Jesus freak and you would be right. 


Author: Terese

Terese is a wife, mother, Grammie, sister, aunt and friend. Best of all a daughter of the King! Terese is a Bible study teacher and speaker. One of her passions is investing in the lives of other women and encouraging them in their identity and authority in Christ. Terese is a life long student of God's grace.

2 thoughts on “You Might Think I’m A Jesus Freak”

  1. Amen-Amein Sister in Christ Jesus-Yeshua Terese, Great Testimony!!

    God Bless you and your family members and friends!!

    Happy Shabbat Shalom ( Peaceful Sabbath )!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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