Hope Gate


This year has been filled with personal restoration. And, while I am eager to move into the coming new year to learn to walk as an overcomer, God gently reminds me there are still many days left to this year of restoration. He reminds me of what His restoration has done for me. Restoration has given me hope. He reminds me that His beautiful Son, Jesus, is not only The Gate, He is the Hope Gate. He reminds me the Holy Spirit continues to be my comfort during times of waiting and guidance in those times requiring action on my part.

Is there something you have been walking and praying around, wondering when the walls will come down? Keep walking, keep praying, keep praising, keep pressing in and persevere. I know, many times this is really difficult, but the end result is God’s perfect will for your life.

Precious One, walk through the Hope Gate and find rest for your soul.

©2017 TereseJMBelme

Exceedingly Full and Complete

fullsizeoutput_875Is it really that simple? Jesus is instructing his disciples in a new level of prayer. Rather than pray to God they are to pray to God in Jesus Name. They are to ask and keep asking and they will what? They will receive! It is the same for us. Are you asking and asking and asking even more? Prayer changes things. Mainly it changes our hearts, it aligns our heart and will with the Father’s and as we continue to ask we begin to ask according to His will and when we ask according to His will HE WILL ANSWER our prayers. He is such a good and gracious Father, not only will he answer our prayers, he will fill us with full and complete joy! He will fill you up exceedingly with His joy.
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©2017 TereseJMBelme

Staying Within the Lines


I have always reminded our children, regardless of those times it may be hard to remain in God’s will, it is the best place to be. Before I knew Jesus I lived too many years outside His will and when I reflect back on the many unwise choices I made and the consequences that followed, it was not a pleasant place to be. Just like a race car driver that travels too fast and isn’t paying attention, we can get ahead of ourselves and God and end up in harms way or outside our guardrails.

The Psalmist tells us we have a beautiful inheritance in Christ. I believe that inheritance is our identity in Christ Jesus.
©2017 Terese Belme @restoredbygrace2017