The Passage of Time




Even with the passage of time, God’s word still holds true. His decrees and promises stand for all time.

“To live the way I teach them.” This is as true for us as it was for David’s descendants. It is really a simple theory. We stay connected to God through reading His word, prayer, worship and praise. He promises to teach us how to live His way. Do you find it hard to live the way He is showing you? Do you allow other things to distract you from spending time with God or forgetting to simply ask Him his opinion in situations? I know I do! Everyday I find myself confessing and repenting of the things that have become or threaten to become idols in my life.

As God’s restoration continues in my life and He invites me into a season of learning to be an overcomer because of this restoration, I sense there is a season of freedom, standing in the middle, and holding hands with restoration and overcoming. The Spirit reminds me that the same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives in me, in you and every person that calls Jesus Lord and Savior.

As we prepare to enter into 2018 I invite you to join me in learning to walk in the freedom of Christ and becoming an overcomer. And, we are overcomers because Christ has overcome the world, its part of our inheritance in Him.

I would love to hear the word or words God have given you for the new year! You can leave those in the comments section of this post. If you don’t yet know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and feel you are ready too, please message me, I would love to pray with and for you.


Inherent Blessing


From Eugene Peterson’s broad view of family in Psalm 128. “The illustration is, as we would expect, conditioned by Hebrew culture, in which the standard signs of happiness were a wife who had many children and children who gathered and grew around the table: fruitful vine and olive soots. This illustration is just that, an example that we need not reproduce exactly in order to experience blessing. (We, for instance, don’t try to have as many children as possible-or try to get them to stay home for all their lives!) But the meaning is still with us: Blessing has inherent in it the power to increase.”

Blessing being inherent is the character of God, belonging to His nature. And His power is in each blessing, maintaining the ability to increase the blessing and spill into the live of others, whether we have children or not and whether our children are able to live on their own or not.

You are blessed to be a blessing regardless of your earthly family situation.



God’s Muchness



One of my favorite things is discovering our identity, inheritance and authority in Christ and sharing with others.

Our inheritance in Christ sits tall, upright and front and center in this verse. Our inheritance is not a future hope, it is here and now. In our union with Christ we have already become beneficiaries of our inheritance in Christ of every spiritual blessing that comes from the heavenly realm.

In today’s verse, richly blessed, is our inheritance. Richly is derived from two Greek words. The first meaning, having many resources, and the other, which is my favorite, fully resourced by having God’s “muchness.”

God’s muchness is His abundance that comes from receiving His provisions, material and spiritual riches, through faith.

Are you walking victoriously in this truth? By faith in Christ God richly gives you His muchness in all area’s of your life. Regardless of your current situation, you have exactly what you need to stand as tall and upright and front and center as as the truth of your inheritance found in Romans 10:12.


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God Do it Again!


Returned in the first verse means God made restitution, He paid the Israelites back in full. God was their Restorer. Another translation states that, “God RESTORED the fortunes of Zion.” (emphasis mine and you know how I feel about the word restore!)

They felt like they were in a dream. They thought the goodness God blessed them with was too good to be true. They laughed and sang and were happy. God lavished His grace on them. They were in the middle of singing about remembering God’s goodness while asking God to do it again.

They were in between the rains.

Do you feel like your life has been drought-stricken? Think about a time when God blessed you, and like the Israelites, you thought it was a dream. BUT, it wasn’t! Do you trust God to do it again?

When you’re in between the rains you can wait expectantly on God’s blessings with praises on your lips, trusting that God will turn a heavy heart into laughing and cause you to have, not just an armload, but armloads of blessing!



Adversities in Righteousness



God is preparing us! He wants our attention and focus to be completely on Him. As believers in His beautiful and beloved Son, He sees us as righteous. It is the blood of Christ which makes us righteous. As such, we also know, as believers we WILL have trials, challenges, struggles and adversity. BUT, God promises to deliver us from them ALL. He promises whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, HE will deliver.

Walk with me in this truth.