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“A friend of mine told me a story from her trip to Israel. As their leader was teaching them on a hillside, he spoke about shepherds and how they lead out front with the sheep following behind. However, as they traveled down a road later, she noticed a man prodding a group of sheep from behind. When she inquired about this, the leader said that that man wasn’t a shepherd but a butcher.”

Melissa Spoelstra “Numbers Learning Contentment in a Culture of More”

The voice of the shepherd leads by example with gentleness; the voice of the butcher prods sheep toward destruction.

Melissa Spoelstra

Many years ago my husband worked for a major airline. He started out in the engineering department but really wanted to be where the aircrafts were and he applied for a job in line maintenance. His dream came true and he was chosen for the position that also came with a manager that ruled with an ‘iron fist’ and through intimidation. My husband recollects the first words out of the managers mouth on his first day to the effect of, “I’m the boss and I can fire you whenever I want.” While the work was done in the department there wasn’t any joy in doing the work it was done with the fear of losing ones job.

We are all leaders; in our home, at work, in our community, at church, in ministry, and how we choose to lead is directly connected to our view of God and our relationship with Jesus.

A skewed perspective of God as mean, unfair, unjust, angry or distant is one reason for a lackluster relationship with Jesus. This spills over into every area of our life including leadership.

A healthy perspective of God as loving, fair, just and always available leads to a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus [there is no right or perfect way to spend time with Jesus]. My strong encouragement is to ask Holy Spirit how He wants to spend time with you on any given day and follow His lead.

As we learn to cultivate this deep and intimate relationship with Jesus He overflows into all areas of our life and we begin to lead like Jesus.

You are an amazing leader. Choose gentleness.

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Author: Terese

Terese is a wife, mother, Grammie, sister, aunt and friend. Best of all a daughter of the King! Terese is a Bible study teacher and speaker. One of her passions is investing in the lives of other women and encouraging them in their identity and authority in Christ. Terese is a life long student of God's grace.

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