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Hello Friends!

Interesting story about the above picture. I saw it some time ago as I was searching for a picture to use in an article about writing. When I saw it I thought those look like my daughter’s hands. I took a screen shot and sent it to my daughter telling her the picture looked like her hands. Imagine my surprise when she responded, “They are!” I use this picture whenever I have the opportunity!

Some of you may not know I am the Editor of NorCal Christian Voice[www.norcalchristianvoice.com]. We are an online magazine and one of many divisions across the nation of One Christian Voice. We report local, state, national and world news as well as many other areas of interest, such as, movie and book reviews, recipes, technology, sports, poems, testimonies, short stories and inspiration to name a few.

I enjoy reading your blogs and very much appreciate when you have the time to stop by to read and comment on mine. You each have a unique gift of stringing words together to create a work of written art.

Submissions are open at NorCal CV and we would be honored to read and consider your work for publication. You can submit to news@norcalchrisitianvoice.com.

Have a blessed week everyone!

Author: Terese

Terese is a wife, mother, Grammie, sister, aunt and friend. Best of all a daughter of the King! Terese is a Bible study teacher and speaker. One of her passions is investing in the lives of other women and encouraging them in their identity and authority in Christ. Terese is a life long student of God's grace.

19 thoughts on “Looking for Your Articles”

    1. Hi Beverly, we do not accept book manuscripts. The Christian Writers Market Guide is an excellent source and valuable tool for placing your manuscript. Also check out Inspire Christian Writers. They accept manuscripts but there is a process. Personally, I freelance edit. If you’re interested please let me know.

  1. I would like to ask you a couple of questions. I am writing my memoir but I find myself stuck. Does your site publish a “book” of memoirs? I am not a writer but I am trying to write my story. a testimony of God’s gracious love and forgiveness. If not, after I finish my memoir, do you know anyone that could be interested? I am taking advantage because you mention your occupation so, I am asking boldly if I can be helped. Thank you even if you cannot help. I have a nice Lady that is a Gost writer that tells me what to do as I give her 100 dollars for one hour of her time I am writing she suggests me how to put it together, I have lost my joy about it because I have no idea what to do next. This beautiful Lady’s name is Julie Ocean and she tries to cheer me up. I was sure God wanted me to write this book but now, not so much. I had a long and full life. I was hoping to be able to help other women that went through abuses and more but now, I am truly a little depressed because it looks like this is just my dream” not God’s Will. Sorry for venting,, lOL hugs

    1. I’m sorry for your frustration and I don’t think you are venting. I encourage not to give up and to continue to pray and seek God for your memoir.

      We don’t publish manuscripts only content for our site. The Christian Writers Market Guide is an excellent source and valuable tool for placing your manuscript. Also check out Inspire Christian Writers. They accept manuscripts but there is a process. It is a wonderful group of people helping and encouraging each other in their writing journey.

    2. I saw your frustration and wanted to offer this. Could you and Julie jump on a call for a free consultation (ask her this) during which you could ask her to better outline the process for you and help you understand what should come next with each call. You could ask her if she is open to modifying her format so that at the end of each call moving forward she is giving you some steps to follow. She is charging a really reasonable rate as a ghostwriter if she is directing you along the way. Sometimes we get so involved in our own processes and how well they work that we forget not everyone knows what we know. Perhaps you and she can have this conversation and it will help you work better together. I pray you gain back your joy because everyone has a story to share and publishing it so it can help others is one of the most rewarding things out there!

  2. I’m going to submit my first blog. Thanks for sharing this. I”m still in the middle of my journey of recovery after a motorcycle accident. I’ve written a book about it, which has not been published yet, but is at a publishers awaiting decision. However, I may have an amputation, which may add a chapter or two.

  3. You really have amazing contents. I just dropped a fresh article on my blog about basics of photography, it would be helpful if you can share them to your friends and colleagues who are getting started with photography, and also leave an opinion in the comment section what you think about my new post, thank you. Happy blogging.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Jeremy. If you’re interested in submitting some articles to NorCal Christian Voice on photography, we’d love to read your work for consideration for publication. You can copy your article into a word document and submit to news@norchachristianvoice.com. Thanks!

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