Got Wisdom?

She lived in a beautiful garden. I imagine large trailing vines with deep red flowers hanging from stately trees with large canopy’s of branches and leaves giving shade in all the right places. On the ground were different varieties of flowers in different shades and color; without any rhyme or reason, just beautifully existing in the protection of the garden. She and her husband were charged with taking care of the garden and the animals that lived there. They had all they ever needed, I suppose one could say they were content. One day she started talking with a serpent. She should have known better but she couldn’t help herself; she was intrigued by the crafty well spoken troublemaker. The serpent began asking her questions about the garden. Specifically about the trees in the garden; he cut to the chase and asked her, “did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

Lately, I have been intrigued by this dialogue between Eve and the serpent. Interestingly, this story keeps coming up in conversations I’ve had over the past few weeks. Let’s back up for just a minute, does anyone else think that its odd that Eve is talking to a serpent to begin with? Like, hello, it is an everyday occurrence?Image Have you looked at pictures of serpents lately? This is what I imagine in my mind while reading this story.

Recently, I had the opportunity to see a picture of Michelangelo’s 6-Serpentdepiction of the serpent in this story and this is what his depiction looks like. Fascinating that this depiction shows the serpent with what appears to be a human upper body and a serpent like lower body. In which case, I can understand Eve even contemplating speaking with a serpent.

As Eve continued to listen to the serpent, she began to doubt God’s truth for her AND her husband. I believe she also began to doubt her contentment. Think about it, she and Adam had complete access to everything in the garden, except the fruit from on single tree. They even walked in the very presence of God. Then the unthinkable happened, she took one delicious bite of the forbidden fruit. She didn’t stop there nor could she contain herself; she offered it to her husband, and, he too ate of the fruit. Sin overtook them; the Fall happened; they were banished from the Garden for all eternity.

I believe we can surmise from Eve’s story that when we choose discontent in our life, it and the emotions and feelings surrounding the discontent can lead to sin. The hopeful side is that when we choose to abide, hang out with Jesus and just spend time in his presence we are more inclined to recognize the working of the serpent and call on the most powerful Name of all, Jesus Christ! We seek His wisdom.

Then you will go on your way in safety, and your foot will not stumble. When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked, for the LORD will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared. Proverbs 3: 23-26.

These verses teach us this about God’s wisdom;

  • We will go on our way in safety.
  • We will lay down and not be afraid.
  • Our sleep will be sweet.
  • We will have no fear of sudden disaster.
  • The Lord will be at our side.

My friends, by day and by night, may you always seek God’s wisdom in all that you do. And, may the only fruit you eat be for your health, both physically and spiritually.


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The Lost and Powerless

ImageMy heart aches for the lost and powerless. These are the ones that put on a happy face. These are the ones who will say, “oh, I’m great!”, when asked how they are doing. These are the ones who cry silently when no one is watching. These are the ones who feel there is no hope left. These are the ones-the lost and powerless within the Church.

My passion is investing in the lives of other women; sharing and growing with them in our identity in Christ. I believe the way we view our Heavenly Father has much to do with the way we interact or remember our life with our earthly father. As young girls our first love is our daddy. Some dads know innately the need their daughter has to be affirmed by him and offer affirmation willingly, lovingly and often. Some dads know this need but don’t know how to offer it. Some dads don’t know at all. Many dads unwittingly stop offering their affirmation when their daughter, once a little girl, has now blossomed into a beautiful teenager. At, what I believe, is the most critical time in a teen girls life, most dads are unsure of how to simply be dad to their daughter. They pull away when their little girl needs them the most. It is his voice of continued affirmation that a daughter needs to hear to survive the emotional and often tumultuous teen years with confidence leading her to the remarkable woman she will become.

My father was a great dad. I was the youngest and only girl after four boys. Indeed, I was daddy’s little girl. But, when I turned 13 our relationship changed. I truly believe my dad didn’t know how to respond to the young woman I was becoming. There are statistics about the different kind of trouble young girls can get into when their Imagefather’s voice of affirmation is not present or disappears. All I can say is thank you Jesus for your redeeming love!!

For many years I had a skewed perspective of God. It has only been in the last few years that I have begun to understand this marvelous thing; this identity in Christ. Simply put our identity in Christ is who God says we are to him according to his word. There are so many wonderful things he says about us. One of my favorites is 1 Peter 2:9a; “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. God’s special possession. In this half verse we are told four things about our identity;

  • We are chosen.
  • We belong to a royal priesthood.
  • We belong to a holy nation.
  • We are God’s SPECIAL possession.

As we begin and continue to learn and grow in this; our identity in Christ, we no longer have to pretend to put on a happy face. We no longer have to pretend we’re doing great. We no longer have to cry silently or alone. We no longer are the lost and powerless.


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Wrecked by Worship


Recently, on another social media website, I posted; If every spiritual blessing from heaven is mine then I want them all and I’ll get in line and ask for more. Lay it on me Holy Spirit; overwhelm me until I can’t stand!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Eph. 1:3.

This morning I realized the Holy Spirit answered that request during worship last night with our faith family. I could feel the progression and momentum building; the movement of the Holy Spirit. At one point I couldn’t even stand. I was bent over in my seat as the words of worship washed over me. I couldn’t sing, so I prayed.

When I felt like I could sit up again I looked over at three of our high school boys. Two were sitting in their chairs and one was on his knee’s. They were holding hands and praying with each other. I happened to be sitting next to my friend, mom to one of these boys, and I laid my head on her shoulder and we were wrecked together!   

The Holy Spirit hasn’t stopped answering my request. This morning as I was running and listening to my worship music, I started singing out loud not caring who heard my non-melodic voice! I think I startled the man crossing the street in my direction, he seemed to make a wide berth for me to pass by!

My new request is “Holy Spirit do what you will in and through me during corporate worship”. Yes, I am fully aware of what I am asking. You can be praying for me! 

Come Lord Jesus, come!




artwork by Aileen’s Thoughts/Aileen Stewart.


No Marine Left Behind

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the United States Marine Corps. Museum in Quantico, VA. The curators of this nonprofit privately run museum have Imagedone an outstanding and stellar job of paying tribute to the U.S. Marines beginning with the Civil War.

As I walked through the many well composed campaigns of war, I reflected on my own family’s military history. My father proudly served in WWII. He was stationed out of Ford Ord, CA. Before he was ultimately shipped to New Guinea he spent some time in Hawaii. He was shipped out of Hawaii two weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor. My father received the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. The story I remember as a child is that he covered a comrade with his own body and ended with shrapnel in his backImage that was never removed. Years ago, after Fort Ord was decommissioned as a military base, my father and I explored the boarded up areas that were once the commissary, enlisted barracks and the mess hall. I treasure that moment of being able to see an active military base during the 1940’s through my father’s eyes. Especially, since, as a young girl I did not appreciate hearing his war story’s over and over again. Today, I miss hearing those stories and realize it was his way of connecting with a time that meant a great deal to him. My father loved watching the old black and white WWII movies, and if there was any real footage he would always be looking for himself or someone he knew!

One of my brothers served in Vietnam; shipped out soon after graduating high school at the tender age of 18. My mother prayed for him two times a day every day. Praise God he came home physically. Unfortunately, to protesting America he did not come home a hero. It wasn’t until almost thirty years later we started hearing about PTSD. I now believe he suffered from this tragic disorder. In mid 2003 my brother had a dental infection, which could have been easily treated at the VA hospital, his only insurance at the time. However, my brother refused to be treated by any facility that had to do with the government. Even as my other brothers were taking him to the hospital because of an excruciating headache, caused by the dental infection, he was insistent on not being taken to the VA hospital. As Providence would have it, he was taken to the VA hospital in Palo Alto, CA and received the highest quality of care. Unfortunately, the dental infection had spread to his brain. He went into a coma and never woke up; another casualty of both war and PTSD.

Image         Image            Image

Another brother enlisted in the Air Force toward the end of the Vietnam War; thankfully he was never called in to active duty. He was a “weekend warrior”. He served one weekend a month and two weeks a year. I’ll never forget the one thing he taught me that he learned in the Air Force; how to darn a sock over a light bulb! While holey socks are not darned in my house, it is a quick and easy way to repair holes, yes, I’ve tried the method!

The youngest of my brothers served in the Navy during the mid to late seventies. He was the ship’s yeoman on the USS Harry E. Yarnell, a guided missile frigate. It was coming up to his first Christmas in the Navy and word came home that he would not be able to come home for Christmas. We grew up in a large Italian family and spent every holiday together, this was simply unacceptable to me. So, at the most knowledgeable age of 13 and unbeknownst to anyone else, I wrote a letter to the ship’s Captain explaining why my brother must absolutely be home for Christmas and he was! It wasn’t until years later that I found out that as the ship’s yeoman my brother had to type the Captain’s response letter to me. I’m sure it was quite some time before he lived that one down!

I grew up as a child of the archaic air raid system left over from WWII. We would have air raid drills in school where we were instructed to duck under our desks and cover the back of our necks with clasped hands. These drills frightened me so! Coincidentally, my childhood home was in the flight path of aircraft inbound to NAS ImageMoffett Field, CA (it will always be NAS to me!). Whenever I would see the mighty P3-Orion’s coming in, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time, I would run into my house and hide not realizing they were the good guys!  Years later as I prayed to God for a husband, He faithfully answered that prayer and sent me one of the good guys! My husband served in the Navy for 15 years; spending most of that time at NAS Moffett Field. He was a P3-Orion Flight Engineer, flight instructor, ground school instructor and blue card check ride instructor.

As my reflection of my family’s military history ends, I have also arrived at the end of the USMC museum tour. The very last exhibit at the museum is dedicated to 9/11. There is a sheared piece of the Pentagon and a steel girder from ground zero that museum goers can touch and ponder. (My husband worked for United Airlines on Sept. 11, 2001 and was in contact with Flight 93 before it crashed in PA., but that is another blog for another time.) There was one story in particular that day that captivated me. It is the telling of Major Dan Pantaleo, who, after realizing what had just happened to the Pentagon, ran toward the Pentagon to help rescue those trapped inside. One of the USMC codes of conduct is to rescue people first and that is what Major Pantaleo did but during the ensuing days he kept looking up at the USMC flag that stood proudly and precariously on the damaged Pentagon. He wanted to rescue the flag and especially so since there were uncontained fires on the floors below the flag, which could eventually send the flag up in flames. Major Pantaleo talked a civilian crane operator in to allowing him to get into the crane utility cage and raise him to the flag. Their second attempt was a success and the flag was rescued. The rescued flag is currently on temporary display at the USMC museum.

As I left the museum I was filled with pride. Pride about being an American; pride in all branches of our great military; and pride in my fellow Countrymen. As I thought about the rescued Marine flag I realized, truly, no Marine was left behind.


This blog is dedicated to my Dad, my brothers, my husband, our VP-31 family and all the men and women who have and continue to serve this great Country. God bless you and God bless America!