May We Want To

He must have been exhausted as He climbed the mountain after seeing the large and looming crowds. How many had come to see Him, hear Him, or even touch Him? What was it that caused so many to simply want to be near Him?

As tired as He was He sat down and as His disciples gathered around Him he took a steadying and deep breath and began to teach them.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3.

The look on their faces might have been worth a thousand words or at least a few denarii. Poor in spirit. What was He talking about? What Jesus wanted them to understand is spiritual poorness is humbleness. He wanted them to know that deep within them they had the knowledge to grab ahold of the divine and eternal things of God.

Having traveled with The Teacher day after day, they knew how weary and tired He was and how overwhelming the crowds could be. Yet, He set the example when He climbed the mountain and taught them. He wanted them to know He would give them what they needed to be humble, to grab onto the eternal things of God and to go on and teach others to do the same.

Over two millennial later, it is no different for you or for me. Sometimes simply living life can be exhausting. We may want to climb a mountain to escape from the enormity of a situation but Jesus wants us to use the gifts He has blessed us with to meet the needs of the crowds.

For me that is feeding people. Sometimes this involves meeting the physical need for food. Many times it is spiritual food He asks me to provide. It is recognizing that Holy Spirit wants to replenish the lonely, the hopeless or the weary through me regardless it I want to or not.

I would love for you to comment on your spiritual gifts and how you feel led to use them. Let’s encourage one another as He sends us out to share Him.

May we all want to.


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