Return to Sender Addressee Unknown



The sun was just setting and dusk was upon us. We were home alone and settling in. We were in our house but it wasn’t our house and the kids were much younger than they are today. They were playing quietly in the living room. There was a knock on the door and I whispered to the children not to answer the door.

That’s odd. Our front door was a sliding glass door; when did this happen? There was a small space just wide enough for me to see out and there was a man standing there. Why was he still standing there? He knocked on the door many minutes ago, obviously no one was going to answer. What was that he was holding in his hands? Seriously, he’s holding San Francisco Giants jerseys? He had three; one black, one orange and one white. Did he really think I would open the door because of this?

He was menacing looking with dark hair and scruffy beard and a deep snarl. I could tell immediately he was evil. He tried to open the slider, which wasn’t locked but thankfully the stick we always put in the door track was faithfully in it’s place. I had my phone and immediately called 911 but I couldn’t understand a word she said. My heart was racing.

Suddenly, I woke up and realized it had been a dream. A spiritual attack dream. As my heart began to calm down I asked God about the meaning. He very quickly spoke to my heart, “There is a space in your armor.”

I use to have these types of dreams more frequently and they would freak me out, they are so real. Now I see them as God’s love, grace and mercy. I believe he uses some dreams to forewarn us about things we ought to take care of in realtime. Today will be spent asking Him how to shore up my armor.

And, isn’t it just like Satan to deliver a package special delivery containing something that is special to us? One of my best friends says when you receive one of those packages sign it, “return to sender addressee unknown”

God is faithful even in our dreams. While the door was unlocked the safety stick was in place.

Precious One, have you prayed on your full armor today? Ephesians 6:10-17.



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Gratefulness And Lovebugs

freedomEver since I was a little girl all I ever wanted to be was a mommy and I had a wonderful example in my own mother of what it looked like to be a mom who was devoted to her family. But, I didn’t want to be just a mommy, I wanted to be stay at home mommy, just like my mom. I know now that God placed this dream in my heart even before I was born. He set me apart for the best job I’ve never gotten paid for and the joys along with the sorrows far outweigh any monetary value.

Gratefulness is an attitude. We choose whether we will be grateful for the blessings in our life or simply expect them as something that is due us. I am grateful for God’s blessings and the challenges and struggles he allows because the challenges of life have and are what builds perseverance and shapes my character.

This morning as I dropped my youngest love bug off at school I was especially aware and grateful that I have the ability to do so. Being grateful this morning reminded me that I ought to spend more time everyday being grateful.

Precious One, what is one thing you are grateful for today?

O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting. 1 Chronicles 16:34.


The Dream Of A Twenty-Something

I am an avid reader and I love everything about a book. The front cover, the feel of a new book in my hands, the turning of crisp pages. Needless to say I haven’t quite gotten into the e-reader craze. In fact we still own bookshelves, two of them. You know, those tall towers with shelves placed just far enough apart from one another to hold all those magnificently bound books. Most of them read but some sitting there, waiting patiently, hoping to be the next one chosen to be read, to be held and to be enjoyed.

In my younger years my genre of choice was romance novels; predictable, I know. I would devour books as if they were my last meal. Reading during breaks and after work, staying up late to finish that one last chapter only to finish the entire book. The tiredness I would feel the next day was worth it, hey, I was twenty-something! Sometimes I would even devote entire weekends to reading. Not that I would intentionally begin a weekend this way, but if you love to read, you know how it is when you’re reading a really good book and feel as if you are best friends with all the characters. You simply cannot put that book down. I once worked with a lady who read more than me. When she was done with her books she would bring them to me, in bags, grocery bags full, all at one time. Talk about being an avid reader, she had me beat.

IMAG1020_1One day, in my mid-twenties, I had a spectacular idea; I was going to write a novel! I knew the premise of the story, even had the title picked out. Then life happened; I met a wonderful man, we married and started a family and now we have begun our empty nest. That novel has remained on the back burner for all these years. I wish here is where I could tell you that I have begun that novel, but it isn’t. However, I would like to share with you…………..I Am Published!

It happened quite unexpectedly. I received an email from the editor of our church’s Women’s newsletter. She wanted to know if she could use my current post at the time in the upcoming newsletter and any past or future post. I am humbled but who would I be kidding if I didn’t say I am also thrilled!

Dreams, even long ago dreams, do come true, especially when God’s hand is all over it.