What’s That You Say?

I love God’s sense of humor! When my mom was alive she would always say, “God willing” in response to me saying, for example,”see you later ma”, and for some reason it really use to annoy me.

Inshallah 2

My oldest daughter is studying abroad in Jordan this semester and the second word she has taught me is the Arabic word ‘inshallah’. One of the meanings of inshallah is, yes, you guessed it, God willing! I am drawn to this word, especially because I see how God inserts himself, perhaps unknowingly to others, into the language of other cultures and every time this word is uttered He is praised and worshipped!

Yesterday I was talking with a friend at church. She was asking about my daughter and how she was coming along in learning Arabic. She was telling me how she feels drawn to learn another language. Immediately Holy Spirit began to encourage her. Out of my mouth came something like this; “What comes to mind is the gift of speaking in tongues. I know this is a spiritual gift meant for a specific reason, but just like the people who were gathered with the Jews during Pentecost heard what was being said in their own language, how awesome it would be to give the gospel message to others in their own language, in their own tongue!”

I’m still processing the correlation of speaking in tongues to learning another language to share the gospel message. Perhaps this is a movement of Holy Spirit to debunk the fear some experience around the gift of speaking in tongues and compare this gift to simply learning another language.

And to think this started way back when with my mom always saying, “God willing!”

Precious One, inshallah!


Show Me Your Glory

You believe there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that -and shudder. James 2:19.

I don’t know about you, but this verse makes me stop and ask myself, “Do I really understand the power of God?” Oh sure, I know in my head that God is omnipotent; all powerful, but do I understand that and feel it in my heart? This is an important question to ask oneself because I believe many area’s of our relationship with God revolve around our knowing deep in our spirit this truth.

If you have a few minutes please share why you feel it is important to allow this truth to saturate your heart and become a firm, unmovable foundation, by replying in the comment section below.

Papa, I thank you for showing and revealing to us your power and glory. Not because we need to see that to have faith or believe, but because we do have faith and believe. May we rest in your power as part of our inheritance and identity in You! Amen.