Just be Held

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I was scheduled to speak at a moms event at church, when I received a call from my child’s school counselor. As I stepped outside to take the call, she told me she was calling mom to mom; friend to friend. My child wasn’t in any danger nor was she in trouble, rather this was an informative call.

There was a storm brewing in our lives.

When I walked back into the event, “Just be Held” by Casting Crowns was playing. I DID NOT want to listen to this song. I sat in defiance with my arms and legs crossed, bouncing my leg up and down, up and down in anger and pain. I was upset with my friend, who was the ministry leader of the event, for choosing this song, but she was simply being obedient. I praise God now that she did choose this song, but for a very long time I couldn’t listen whenever this song was playing. 

With tears in my eyes, I was crying out to God, “Why are you allowing this?” The ‘this’ of that moment was nothing like the ‘this’ that was yet to come. The moment propelled our family into three years of a challenging struggle, that without our faith, could have destroyed us. It was a time of sifting, deliverance, and healing and the enemy took advantage, at every opportunity, to cause us to doubt Who God says he is.

I delivered my presentation and life went on. A few years later, I was cleaning up the files on my computer, and I came to my presentation. I was about to toss it in the garbage, when I very clearly heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart, “Don’t do that.” I moved the cursor away from the garbage icon and dragged the document back to its original spot on my desktop.

This  morning as I sat and peacefully listened to “Just be Held,” I reflected back to the maelstrom of those years and the Holy Spirit showed me pictures of all the pieces He connected together. How He birthed His will in my life through those tumultuous years. How the presentation I almost threw away became my first ever published piece. 

Storms will rage around us but you have a choice. Just be held.

So when you’re on your knees and answers seem so far away
You’re not alone, stop holding on and just be held
Your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place
I’m on the throne, stop holding on and just be held
Just be held, just be held. Casting Crowns.





This beautiful verse jumped off the page at me and I knew I must share it. It was spoken out of tension between Laban and Jacob, as Jacob was obedient to God, who told him to go back to the home of his father.

Although Jacob was deceitful to Laban in the way he left to return to his father’s home, and Laban most likely wanted to harm Jacob, he instead extended the gracious words of Genesis 31:49. Some theorize that these words were actually a denunciation to Jacob for the way he treated Laban in parting, but only God could reveal it as a beautiful benediction.

With the sincerest of heart, I bid you mizpah!




The Heart Knows


The theme for this season of walking as an overcomer is becoming clearer to me. Head knowledge is transpiring to heart knowledge, which ultimately leads to a deeper trust in and dependency on God. A richer and more intimate relationship with Him.

This morning as I thanked God for His protection, The Holy Spirit reminded me that the trials, the challenges and the struggles of living a life of faith in Jesus is meant for the saving of lives of others so eternity can be spent in the presence of God and not a part from him in darkness.

Are you lonely? Are you sad? Are you filling the hole in your heart with things that don’t last? Turn to Jesus and he will fill you with His peace, His joy, and His comfort.



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Adversities in Righteousness



God is preparing us! He wants our attention and focus to be completely on Him. As believers in His beautiful and beloved Son, He sees us as righteous. It is the blood of Christ which makes us righteous. As such, we also know, as believers we WILL have trials, challenges, struggles and adversity. BUT, God promises to deliver us from them ALL. He promises whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, HE will deliver.

Walk with me in this truth.


Palpable Love


I use to be a list checker. I would sit to spend some quiet time with God and begin checking my list. I prayed, studied, listened to worship music, check, check, check and another check for good measure.

One day the Holy Spirit broke through and I was undone by His amazing grace and He began to show me how to engage with him in a completely organic way. Allowing Him to set the tone for our time together. Gone was the list checking.

This morning as I sat with my Sweet Savior I started by listening to some worship music. Playing one of my new favorites songs multiple times, because one time through simply wasn’t enough. I really wanted to sing at the top of my lungs, but the rest of the house was asleep, so singing and dancing within myself was a prudent idea at the time.

I began reflecting on this past year, well, the past several years. Plagued with health issues, marital and parental challenges, and grief of seasons ending, that ushered in new beginnings. I thought about all the moments of time spent on my knee’s literally crying out to God. All the prayers that were answered through those challenges. The moment God asked me to step away from ministry for a season of health and healing, not only for me but for my family.

God began to show me a picture show of where I was and where He has brought me. All the people He placed in my life to encourage me and help me stay focused on Him.

And as I sat listening to music that is meant to give glory and honor to Him, I felt His palpable Love. That is my Savior, He gives back more than I can receive and then gives even more.

Today I am thankful and grateful that He chose to die on the Cross so I could choose to believe in Him.


Exceedingly Full and Complete

fullsizeoutput_875Is it really that simple? Jesus is instructing his disciples in a new level of prayer. Rather than pray to God they are to pray to God in Jesus Name. They are to ask and keep asking and they will what? They will receive! It is the same for us. Are you asking and asking and asking even more? Prayer changes things. Mainly it changes our hearts, it aligns our heart and will with the Father’s and as we continue to ask we begin to ask according to His will and when we ask according to His will HE WILL ANSWER our prayers. He is such a good and gracious Father, not only will he answer our prayers, he will fill us with full and complete joy! He will fill you up exceedingly with His joy.
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Staying Within the Lines


I have always reminded our children, regardless of those times it may be hard to remain in God’s will, it is the best place to be. Before I knew Jesus I lived too many years outside His will and when I reflect back on the many unwise choices I made and the consequences that followed, it was not a pleasant place to be. Just like a race car driver that travels too fast and isn’t paying attention, we can get ahead of ourselves and God and end up in harms way or outside our guardrails.

The Psalmist tells us we have a beautiful inheritance in Christ. I believe that inheritance is our identity in Christ Jesus.
©2017 Terese Belme @restoredbygrace2017

Standing Still


This is one of my most favoite verses. It speaks to my warrior heart. I can’t tell you how often I need this reminder, especially when the enemy is ‘barking up the wrong tree’! It helps me to remember that my fight is not with my words or actions, that my power as a warrior AND an ambassador to the kingdom of God is through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit within me. Isn’t it a relief to know that Jesus consumes and devours our foes?

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A Garden Full of Possibilites


Let’s acknowledge that trials, challenges and deep struggles are simply a part of life this side of eternity. And that is not to diminish what you are going through or have been through, believe me, I know and understand. But what if we changed our perspective? What if we looked at the trials of this life as a bed full of wildflowers? Can you see the endless possibilities of miracles in your midst?

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