Bread of the World

Bread of the world in mercy broken,
wine of the soul in mercy shed,
by whom the words of life were spoken,
and in whose death our sins are dead.

Look on the heart by sorrow broken,
look on the tears by sinners shed;
and be thy feast to us the token
that by thy grace our souls are fed.

Author-Reginald Heber, The Presbyterian Hymnal.

There is no time like the present to ask Jesus into your heart. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, what you’ve said, how you think or what habits you have. If you confess and repent and call to Jesus, He is faithful to answer and forgive your sins. Holy Spirit swoops in for the save and begins to transform your life. A life that is filled with joy, peace and comfort regardless of situations or experiences. A life He came to give you. A life He died for you.


Expecting Nothing

Photo credit Maria L.
Photo credit Maria L.

Sometimes, when we’re very still and quiet, we see the distractions in our life, that the world calls inconveniences, an opportunity to be ambassadors to the kingdom of God, our rightful inheritance in Christ. While the world says,” Dont get involved that’s none of your business,” the Spirit says “Come! Join me in what I am about to do!”

Before you know it and right before your eyes God unwrap’s a beautiful miracle and invites you in. And, right there in that miracle God meets you. He says, “Here I Am, open the eyes of your heart and see Me!” You step into the miracle, carrying the gifts God has given you, not expecting anything from God, only wanting to help because he called to you. All too soon the miracle is complete, never over, for His miracles last for eternity, and you long for more. More of Him.

You are overcome and there are no words to describe this wondrous time with God, knowing that you can’t keep his grace and love from the experience all to yourself. But, for now, you’ll treasure these things in your heart for just a little while.


In Loving Memory

My nephew.


She could hear it but couldn’t see it. Somewhere in the distance a phone was ringing. She must be dreaming. It wouldn’t stop. Ring…..ring…..ring. Slowly she came awake and realized it was their house phone. She looked at the clock; 2:00 a.m. Alarmed, she quickly got out of bed and rushed to answer the phone. In her mind there were only two reasons the phone would be ringing at this hour; a prank phone call or the bearer of bad news. She was hoping for the former and realized it was the latter when she heard the voice of her sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law was telling her Mike was dead, killed in a tragic auto accident. Still groggy from sleep, she thought to herself, “Not again.” She had already lost two brothers now a third? And, “What was her brother doing out driving at that time of the morning anyway?” Her brother and sister-in-law had been high school sweethearts and she was wondering about her sister-in-law’s grief. Then she understood. Her sister-in-law was calling to tell her their 17 year old nephew had died.

Just the day before she heard the Holy Spirit whisper to her to email her brother, the

My nephew and niece.
My nephew and niece.

father of her nephew, Matthew 5:4; Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. She did not and now he would need that more than ever. No parent ever wants to outlive their children, and yet, her parents had outlived their two oldest sons before they too passed within three months of each other. Now, six months after their father had passed and three months after their mother had passed, her brother was burying his own son.

They had been best friend’s since they were little. Now one was dead and the other had his legs amputated at the knee’s. His best friend had been the driver of the car. Her niece and another friend had been in the back seat of the car. It was late January, the 27th to be exact, the streets were wet and slick from a recent rain. The driver was speeding and lost control in front of their high school. The car wrapped around a light pole and split in half. Her nephew was killed instantly, her niece and friend were thrown from the back seat of the car. The driver had to be cut from the wreckage. Both girls suffered back injuries, her niece a broken back and burns from where the muffler, it was the muffler wasn’t it? Landed on top of her. She still bears the scars. It is by the complete grace of God that she is walking today.

The pole that the car hit.
The pole that the car hit.

It has been almost seven years since this tragedy struck our family and it still seems like yesterday. No one ever wants to think it can’t happen to them, until it does. The healing has been slow but God has been gracious and always with us.

I have learned two important things from this tragedy. Never let the sun go down without telling your loved ones you love them and be the driver you want you children and the young people in your sphere of influence to be.

As part of my brother’s healing process and to keep the memory of his son, Mike, alive, he started a non-profit called Get Real Behind The Wheel. They host monthly safe teen driving with on track driving instruction for teens and their parents. You can visit them here.

Get Real Behind The Wheel safe teen driving event at Altamont Motor Sports Park Livermore, CA.

In the words of my brother, “Keep It Real Behind The Wheel.”